The proceedings of the oral presentation have been published by the ISPRS.
All papers can be found in the ISPRS annals Volume II-3/W3, 2013.

Volume Editors
Franz Rottensteiner, Uwe Stilla, Stefan Hinz
CMRT13 - City Model, Roads and Traffic 2013
Antalya, Turkey, November 12-13 2013
ISPRS annals Volume II-3/W3, 2013
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Rule-based segmentation of LIDAR point cloud for automatic extraction of building roof planes
M. Awrangjeb and C. S. Fraser
Page(s) 1-6
(PDF, 647 KB)
Image-Based Rendering of LOD1 3D City Models for traffic-augmented Immersive Street-view Navigation
M. Brédif
Page(s) 7-11
(PDF, 7590 KB)
A system for large-scale automatic traffic sign recognition and mapping
A. Chigorin and A. Konushin
Page(s) 13-17
(PDF, 689 KB)
Pixel-based approach for building heights determination by SAR radargrammetry
C. Dubois, A. Thiele, and S. Hinz
Page(s) 19-24
(PDF, 1435 KB)
Supervised and unsupervised MRF based 3D scene classification in multiple view airborne oblique images
M. Gerke and J. Xiao
Page(s) 25-30
(PDF, 6985 KB)
Semi-Automatic Road/Pavement Modeling using Mobile Laser Scanning
A. Hervieu and B. Soheilian
Page(s) 31-36
(PDF, 3033 KB)
Feature-Driven 3D Building Modeling using Planar Halfspaces
M. Kada and A. Wichmann
Page(s) 37-42
(PDF, 763 KB)
The Application of a Car Confidence Feature for the Classification of Cross-Roads Using Conditional Random Fields
S. Kosov, F. Rottensteiner, C. Heipke, J. Leitloff, and S. Hinz
Page(s) 43-48
(PDF, 3276 KB)
Airborne Crowd Density Estimation
O. Meynberg and G. Kuschk
Page(s) 49-54
(PDF, 4298 KB)
An Incremental Map Building Approach via Static Stixel Integration
M. Muffert, S. Anzt, and U. Franke
Page(s) 55-60
(PDF, 2163 KB)
Building Footprints Extraction from Oblique Imagery
F. Nex, E. Rupnik, and F. Remondino
Page(s) 61-66
(PDF, 1170 KB)
Integration of spectral information and photogrammetric DSM for urban areas classification
F. Nex, M. Dalla Mura, and F. Remondino
Page(s) 67-72
(PDF, 1062 KB)
Roof Reconstruction from Point Clouds using Importance Sampling
W. Nguatem, M. Drauschke, and H. Mayer
Page(s) 73-78
(PDF, 1448 KB)
Automated Extraction of Buildings and Roads in a Graph Partitioning Framework
A. O. Ok
Page(s) 79-84
(PDF, 1121 KB)
Robust Building Facade Reconstruction from Spaceborne TOMOSAR Points
M. Shahzad and X.X. Zhu
Page(s) 85-90
(PDF, 1172 KB)
Reconstruction of façades in point clouds from multi aspect oblique ALS
S. Tuttas and U. Stilla
Page(s) 91-96
(PDF, 3794 KB)
Object Detection in Multi-view 3D Reconstruction Using Semantic and Geometric Context
D. Weinshall and A. Golbert
Page(s) 97-102
(PDF, 929 KB)