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The conference will be held at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), a over 140 year old academic center of excellence. The conference site is conveniently located on the main campus area in the museum destrict (Maxvorstadt) near the city center. The lecture halls (Hall A+B) are located on the campus at Theresienstraße 90. The registration takes place in Hall C.

TUM main campus area can be easily reached from the subway (U-Bahn) station [Theresienstraße].

A couple of small hotels can be found in short walking distance, see Accomodation .

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing at TUM

TUM and Museum Destrict

Many famous museums are located in the neighbourhood to the campus area of TUM Museums around TUM

Munich is a city of fascinating experiences. Historic buildings of every period, grand boulevards and squares, bear imposing witness to a culture centuries old. Art, in the museums and outside, lures millions of visitors to the city year after year. Unique are Munichs beer gardens. Both, locals and guests are enjoying this special way of come together during the warm evenings in summer time.


Munich is surrounded by some most splendid landscape including the Bavarian Alps and a number of pleasant lakes. Also, famous sights, including the castles of King Ludwig II are within easy reach of the city.