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Final Paper

Process overview for authors of accepted papers
  1. Register for JURSE 2011 as participant -> [ Registration ]
  2. Check your Registration -> [ Confirmation ]
  3. Transfer the conference fee -> [ Details ]
  4. Revise your paper according to reviewers' comments
  5. Create an IEEE PDF eXpress™ Account -> [ Conference ID: jurse2011x ]
  6. Create a IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF -> [ Check PDF or Convert source file ]
  7. Upload this IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF via ConfTool -> [ Final Upload (1st file) ]
  8. Upload the signed IEEE copyright form (pdf) via ConfTool -> [ Final Upload (2nd file) ]
  9. For students: Upload a copy of student ID card (pdf) via ConfTool -> [ Final Upload (3rd file) ]
IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF

Go to IEEE PDF eXpress™ website [ http://www.pdf-express.org ] , and:

  1. Create a IEEE PDF eXpress™ account, entering basic contact information; gets confirmation of account creation email.
  2. Upload a PDF for Checking or source file(s) for Conversion; get email confirmation of file receipt.
  3. Submitted PDFs are Checked for IEEE Xplore®-compatibility; source file(s) are Converted to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs.

    If a PDF is submitted: you will receive an email stating that PDF Passed or Failed the Check. If the PDF fails, a PDF Check report is attached to the email. Author goes to account and clicks "Understanding the PDF Check Report" for solutions.

    If source is submitted: you will receive the IEEE PDF eXpress™-generated PDF as an attachment, and through your IEEE PDF eXpress™ account. Review PDF to ensure that it views on screen and prints as you intended.

  4. If necessary, revisions may be submitted (PDF or source); return to Step 2.

    Make sure that there are no grammatical, spelling,
    or content errors in articles prior to submitting to PDF eXpress.

  5. PDF eXpress is NOT a file collection site.
    When you have an acceptable, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF, upload this final PDF using the conference managment tool (ConfTool) [ Final PDF Upload ].

Additonal Documents

  • For each final paper a IEEE copyright form has to be signed: [ IEEE copyright form ]
  • Please upload the signed copyright form (pdf) via ConfTool (2nd file of Final Upload)
  • Registered students presenting a contribution should upload a copy of the student ID card (3rd file of Final Upload)


  • Accepted papers will be published on CD-ROM and in IEEE Xplore,
    see links to Proceedings of [ Previous Conferences ]
  • At least one author of each paper has to be registered and paid before the deadline to warrant publication of the paper on CD-ROM.
  • The contribution has to be presented by one of the authors to warrant publication in IEEE Xplore