International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Commission III - Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Working Group III / 5 - Road Extraction and Traffic Monitoring, 2004 - 2008


Test Data for road extraction are available from

European Spatial Data Research - EuroSDR

EuroSDR Working Group: Automated extraction, refinement, and update of road databases from imagery and other data


Scientific Use of TerraSAR-X data

National and international education and research institutions, but also companies involved in research and development projects are invited to submit proposals. More information is provided in the Science Plan.

For this purpose a pre-launch Announcement of Opportunity (AO) will be released in April 2005. The AO will be open for three months. The proposals will pass an evaluation procedure and accepted proposals will get the status "Scientific Use" and access free of charge to a specific quota of TerraSAR-X data and products.

Last changed: 2007-01-28
by Uwe Stilla