International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Commission III - Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Working Group III / 5 - Road Extraction and Traffic Monitoring, 2004 - 2008


Welcome to ISPRS's working group III/5 "Road Extraction and Traffic Monitoring" of ISPRS commission III "Photogrammetric Computer Vision".

In the past decade, the automatic extraction and monitoring of roads using image data has become an important field of research. While the motivation of practitioners is mainly found in the generation and update of Geographical Information Systems, experience with road extraction over the years has shown that automating this task is a difficult challenge since many theoretical foundations are still missing. An additional observation over the recent years is continuing convergence of researchers in the fields of road extraction and GIS update on one side and traffic monitoring on the other side.

Besides supporting the development of theoretical and algorithmic advances in each of these fields, an important goal of this working group is to build-up a common platform of researchers of both communities. We aim at looking at the challenges of road extraction and traffic monitoring from unified perspective being sure that fruitful synergies between both fields can be found, which in turn will speed-up the developments in each of it.

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