PIA07 Photogrammetric Image Analysis
  • Extraction of 2D and 3D topographic objects (buildings, roads, vegetation, etc.) from terrestrial, air- or space-borne sensors (cameras, LiDAR, SAR)
  • Semi-automated and automated algorithms for update, change detection, quality control, and their evaluation
  • Multi-scale and -modality object extraction, representation, and analysis
  • Multi-frequency SAR, polarimetric InSAR
  • Multi-pulse and full waveform LiDAR
  • Sensor orientation and calibration
  • Surface modeling and reconstruction
  • Temporal behavior of objects including velocity estimation
  • Learning and statistics for object extraction
  • Sensor and data fusion including information from GIS and CAD


Further topics relevant for the conference can be found in the
Terms of Reference (ToR) of the five cooperating ISPRS working groups

PIA07 Topics: Aerial images
PIA07 Topics: Maps
PIA07 Topics: Laser Elevation Data
PIA07 Topics: Digital Elevation Models
PIA07 Topics: SAR data

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