PIA07 Photogrammetric Image Analysis

Oral presentation

  • 22 min. Talk + 8 min. Discussion
  • Using the Conference Notebook:
    • Your presentation can be copied using a
      • CD-ROM or
      • USB stick.
    • The following software will be available:
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0,
      • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003,
      • OpenOffice.org 2.2
    • If you are using video in your presentation, please check for the correct video codec before the session.
  • Using your own Notebook:
    • Please make sure that it contains a standard VGA-Monitor adapter and
    • that your notebook is running with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
    • Please check if the notebook is compatible with the beamer before the session.

Interactive Presentation (Poster)

  • Size of poster boards :
    • width: 100 cm
    • height:120 cm
  • Recommended size for poster:
    • DIN A0 (portrait)
      841 mm x 1189 mm

Last changes 14.10.2007
by Uwe Stilla

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