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  Session 5: SAR
09:00 Opening09:00 
 Session 1: Invited Talk 
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 Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 Session 2: Roads11:00 Session 6: Traffic & Navigation
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  Session 7: Street scenes
14:00 Session 3: Poster session14:00 
15:00 15:00 Coffee break
 Coffee break Session 8: Buildings II
16:00 Session 4: Buildings I16:00 
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20:00 Dinner and Boat Cruise20:00 
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09:00OpeningPaparoditis N, Stilla U, Rottensteiner F
 Session 1: Invited TalkPaparoditis N
09:30Marked point processes for object extraction in high resolution images. Application to Earth observation and cartography.
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Zerubia J
10:30Coffee Break 
 Session 2: RoadsGerke M
11:00Efficient road mapping via interactive image segmentationBarinova O, Shapovalov R, Sudakov S, Velizhev A, Konushin A
11:25Surface modelling for road networks using multi-source geodataLo CY, Chen LC, Chen CT, Chen JX
11:50Automatic extraction of urban objects from multi-source aerial dataMancini A, Frontoni E, Zingaretti P
12:15Road roundabout extraction from very high resolution aerial imageryRavanbakhsh M, Fraser CS
14:00Session 3: Poster Session 
 Assessing the impact of digital surface models on road extraction in suburban areas by region-based road subgraph extractionGrote A, Rottensteiner F
 Vehicle activity indication from airborne lidar data of urban areas by binary shape classification of point setsYao W, Hinz S, Stilla U
 Trajectory-based scene description and classification by analytical functionsPfeiffer D, Reulke R
 3d building reconstruction from lidar based on a cell decomposition approach Kada M, McKinley L
 A semi-Automatic approach to object extraction from a combination of image and laser dataMumtaz SA, Mooney K
 Complex scene analysis in urban areas based on an ensemble clustering method applied on lidar dataRamzi P, Samadzadegan F
 Automated selection of terrestrial images from sequences for the texture mapping of 3d city modelsBnitez S, Baillard C
 Extracting building footprints from 3d point clouds using terrestrial laser scanning at street levelHammoudi K, Dornaika F, Paparoditis N
 Comparison of methods for automated building extraction from high resolution image dataVozikis G
 Dense matching in high resolution oblique airborne imagesGerke M
 Classification system of gis-objects using multi-sensorial imagery for near-realtime disaster managementFrey D, Butenuth M
 Graph-based urban object model processingFalkowski K, Ebert J
 Semi-automatic city model extraction from tri-stereoscopic VHR satellite imageryTack F, Goossens R, Buyuksalih G
 A proof of concept of iterative dsm improvement through sar scene simulationDerauw D
 An approach for navigation in 3d models on mobile devicesJiang W, Yuguo W, Fan W
 Extraction of buildings using images & lidar data and a combination of various methodsDemir N, Poli D, Baltsavias E
15:30Coffee Break 
 Session 4: Buildings IRottensteiner F
16:00Competing 3d priors for object extraction in remote sensing dataKarantzalos K, Paragios N
16:25Object extraction from lidar data using an artificial swarm bee colony clustering algorithmSaeedi S, Samadzadegan F, El-Sheimy N
16:55Building footprint database improvement for 3d reconstruction: a direction aware split and merge approachVallet B, Pierrot-Deseilligny M, Boldo D
17:20A test of automatic building change detection approachesChampion N, Rottensteiner F, Matikainen L, Liang X, Hyyppä J, Olsen BP
20:00Dinner and Boat Cruise 


 Session 5: SARStilla U
08:45Structure enhancement, and change detectionSchmitt A, Wessel B, Roth A
09:10Ray tracing and sar-tomography for 3d analysis of microwave scattering at man-made objects Auer S, Zhu X, Hinz S, Bamler R
09:35Theoretical analysis of building height estimation using spaceborne SAR-interferometry for rapid mapping applicationsHinz S, Abelen S
10:00Fusion of optical and insar features for building recognition in urban areasWegner JD, Thiele A, Soergel U
10:30Coffee Break 
 Session 6: Traffic & NavigationHinz S
11:00Fast vehicle detection and tracking in aerial image burstsKozempel K,Reulke R
11:25Refining correctness of vehicle detection and tracking in aerial image sequences by means of velocity and trajectory evaluationLenhart D, Hinz S
11:50Utilization of 3d city models and airborne laser scanning for terrain-based navigation of helicopters and UAVsHebel M, Arens M, Stilla U
 Session 7: Street ScenesButenuth M
13:45study of sift descriptors for image matching based localization in urban street view contextPicard D, Cord M, Valle E
14:10Text extraction from street level imagesFabrizio J, Cord M, Marcotegui B
14:35Circular road sign extraction from street level images using colour, shape and texture database mapsArlicot A, Soheilian B,Paparoditis N
15:00Coffee Break 
 Session 8: Buildings IIBaillard C
15:30Improving image segmentation using multiple view analysisDrauschke M, Roscher R, Läbe T, Förstner F
15:55Refining building facade models with imagesPu S, Vosselman G
16:20An unsupervised hierarchical segmentation of a facade building image in elementary 2d - modelsBurochin JP, Tournaire O, Paparoditis N
16:45Grammar supported facade reconstruction from mobile lidar mappingBecker S, Haala N
17:15ClosingStilla U


Note for Poster presenters

Those presenting posters in the conference will hang their posters on tack boards. Push pins will be supplied. The usable space on these tack boards is 150 x 120 cm wide.

  • Format = portrait
  • Size = A0