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    Working Group III / 5 - Image Sequence Analysis, 2008-2012


General Plan of Activities



In order to achieve the goals expressed in its Terms of Reference, the WG is organising concrete activities within its 4-year time plan. Below we list our proposed activities planned up to 2008. This activity plan will be updated and augmented continuously.

Remarks and proposals, including new activities, are welcomed and should be sent to the WG secretary.


Planned activities:

  • Regular exchange of information with the WG members through letters.
  • Establishment of a WEB page for the working group.
  • 2009, May 20.-22.
    Organization of session at IEEE / ISPRS URBAN 2009, Shanghai.
    Link to conference homepage
  • 2009, June 02.-05.
    Co-organize a session on object detection and characterization using passive and active sensors at Hannover Workshop, 2009.
    Link to workshop homepage
  • 2009, September 03.-04.
    Co-organize Joint ISPRS Workshop CMRT09 together as follow-up of the successful CMRT05 Workshop.
    Link to workshop homepage
    Workshop proceedings online
  • 2010, February 10.-12.
    Co-organization of Workshop Eurocow 2010, Barcelona, Spain
    Link to workshop homepage
  • 2010, September 01.-03.
    Reviews and co-organizing of Commission III Symposium in Paris, France.
    Link to symposium homepage
  • 2011, September
    Organize a conference on Photogrammetric Image Analysis (PIA11) in conjunction with the other working groups of Commission III, follow up of the PIA07 conference in 2007 to be held in Munich, Germany
    Link to conference homepage
  • 2012, August 25. - September 01.
    Organize sessions at the ISPRS congress in Melbourne, Australia.
    Link to congress homepage