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Department of Aerospace and Geodesy
TUM School of Engineering and Design

  • Stilla U (2016-12-04) Segmentation of 3D outdoor scenes using hierarchical clustering structure and perceptual grouping laws. IAPR Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Remote Sensing (PRRS) 2016, Mexico, Cancun

  • Stilla U (2016-10-28) Ultra high resolution radar remote sensing and 3D reconstruction of urban areas. 12th International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC'16). Romania, Timisoara (invited)

  • Zeller N (2016-10-28) Investigating Mathematical Models forFocused Plenoptic Cameras. 12th International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC'16). Romania, Timisoara

  • Chizhova M (2016-10-28) Automatical segmentation of cupola blocks from unorganized point clouds. Geospace Congress 2016, Ukraine, Kiev

  • Gehrung J (2016-10-17) A Framework for Voxel-based Global Scale Modeling of Urban Environments. GeoAdvances 2016. Türkei, Istanbul.

  • Gehrung J (2016-10-06) Introduction to Point Clouds. TUM-DLR Sommerschule 2016, Beilngries.

  • Chizhova M (2016-10-05) Model based geometric 3D reconstruction of church structural components using statistical neighborhoods. TUM-DLR Sommerschule 2016. Beilngries
  • Hanel A (2016-10-05) Driver observation as part of a driver intention detection algorithm. TUM-DLR Sommerschule 2016, Beilngries.

  • Zeller N (2016-10-05) Direct plenoptic odometry. TUM-DLR Sommerschule 2016, Beilngries.

  • Villamil C (2016-10-05) Change detection in urban areas using very high resolution SARdata and scene knowledge. TUM-DLR Sommerschule 2016. Beilngries.
  • Zeller N (2016-07-17) Metric calibration of a focused plenoptic camera based on a 3D calibration target.XXIII ISPRS Congress. Tschechien, Prag

  • Chizhova M (2016-07-14) Probabilistic Feasibiliy of the Reconstruction Process of Russian-Orthodox Churches. XXIII. ISPRS Congress. Tschechien, Prag

  • Hanel A (2016-07-13) Towards the influence of a car windshield on depth calculation with a stereo camera system. XXIII ISPRS Congress. Tschechien, Prag
  •  Xu Y (2016-07-13) Classification of photogrammetric point clouds of scaffolds for construction site monitoring using subspace clustering and PCA. XXIII ISPRS Congress. Tschechien, Prag

  • Hanel A (2016-06-08) Personendetektion in Nachtsituationen mit variierenden Beleuchtungsverhältnissen. 36. Wissenschaftlich-Technische Jahrestagung der DGPF. Schweiz, Bern

  • Stilla (2016-06-06) SAR image exploitation of urban areas (Tutorial). European Conference of Synthetic Aperture RADAR (EUSAR 2016), Germany, Hamburg (invited)

  • Hoegner (2016-05-03) Potential of thermal infrared images in photogrammetric image analysis. IGSM 2016, München, TUM (invited)

  • Stilla (2016-05-03) Change detection in point clouds of urban areas. IGSM 2016, München, TUM (invited)
  • Hanel A (2016-04-22) Driver Intention Detection. Besuch einer Studentengruppe aus Malaysia. TUM, R0714

  • Hoegner (2016-04-09) Bauphotogrammetrie - Automatisierte photogrammetrische Baufortschrittskontrolle. Führungskräfteseminar des Freistaats Bayern, Kloster Irsee (invited)

  • Stilla U (2016-03-23) Change detection of urban objects using point clouds. The British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition (BMVA) technical meeting: Computer Vision in Remote Sensing. United Kingdom, London, British Computer Society (invited)

  • Hanel A (2016-03-08) Driver Intention Detection. NTU 2nd Scientific Workshop. Singapur (video conference, invited)

  • Chizhova M (2016-01-21) Probabilistic Reconstruction of 3D Buildings using Cellular automata and Bayesian networks. Doctoral Candidates Day 2016. München, TUM 0136


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