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Participants will be introduced to sensors, different methods of photogrammetry and remote sensing as well as to their fields of application. Based on imparted knowledge, students will assess which sensors are suitable and which methods are useful for particular tasks or applications. They will recognise the use of this systems for identifying and preventing environmental risks.
Students who already have experiences with photogrammetry and remote sensing will be offered a specialised course.


  • Methods and Products of Aerial Photogrammetry
    The students will be familiarised with the basics of photogrammetry such as stereo imaging, orthophoto generation, different methods, and applications.
  • Digital Photogrammetry
    Students will be introduced to automatic and semi-automatic procedures in photogrammetry such as image orientation, image matching, and object extraction. They will learn digital elevation models (DEM), theories, and applications. A lab exercise is included in this unit.
  • Remote Sensing – Sensors, Methods, and Applications
    Students will understand the characteristics of different satellite data and the possibilities of different remote sensing sensors, methods and applications. Principles of image processing and analysis will be trained within a lab.
  • Use of Remote Sensing in the Context of Cadastral and Land Management Systems
    Students will be introduced to techniques of remote sensing in cadastral and land management systems.

  • An excursion to the German Space Agency (DLR) is included in this unit.

Duration of unit: One week

Workload: Full time lectures. Compulsory excursion and practical lab exercises are part of the programme. In order to complete this unit, the students have to prepare a paper or to write an exam.

Credits: 2

Professur für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung

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