Thursday, September 18

Session 6: 16:10 - 17:50
Remote Sensing, Laser, and Vegetation

Chairperson: R. Kalliany

Color Image Segmentation Using the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence for the Fusion of Texture
J.B. Mena, J.A. Malpica (Alcalá de Henares University, Spain)

Registration of Remote Sensing Image Data Based on Wavelet Transform
M. Tomiya, A. Ageishi (Seikei University, Japan)

Laser Pulse Analysis for Reconstruction and Classification of Urban Objects
B. Jutzi, U. Stilla (FGAN-FOM, Germany)

Automatic Extraction of Trees from Aerial Images and Surface Models
B.-M. Straub (University of Hannover, Germany)

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