Wednesday, September 17

Session 2 16:10 - 17:50
Building Extraction

Chairperson: C. Baillard

Performance Evaluation of a System for Semi-Automatic Building Extraction
F. Rottensteiner, M. Schulze (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

3D City Models: An Operational Approach using Aerial Images and Cadastral Maps
D. Flamanc, Maillet, Jibrini (IGN, France)

Reconstruction of Building from Interferometric SAR Data of Built-Up Areas
U. Soergel, U. Thoennessen, U. Stilla (FGAN-FOM, Germany)

Statistical Snakes for Building Extraction from Stereoscopic Aerial Images
H. Oriot (O.N.E.R.A., France)

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