Wednesday, September 17

Session 1 14:00 - 15:40
Surface Reconstruction and 3D Feature Extraction

Chairperson: R. Koch

Production of Urban DEMS Combining 3D Vector Data and Stereo Aerial Imagery
C. Baillard (SIRADEL, France)

Analysis of Means to Improve Cooperative Disparity Estimation
H. Mayer (Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany)

Height Estimation Using Aerial Side Looking Image Sequences
M. Sanfourche, L. Besnerais, P. Foliguet (O.N.E.R.A., France)

Extracting 3D Free-Form Surface Boundaries of Man-Made Objects from Multiple Calibrated Images: A Robust, Accurate and High Resolving Power Edgel Matching and Chaining Approach
F. Jung, N. Paparoditis (IGN, France)


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